Keep up to date with the schedule of our activities... For your commodity make the appointment until 20h00 of the previous day and confirm here until 22h00 if there hasn't been any change in the local or time of the lesson/training session.



* Only for PVG If you want Private Lessoms, contact us.
  If you wish a group lesson outside our schedule, we accept as long as the group has 3 or more persons in it (4 for special groups/discounts). Contact us.  
ATTENTION: as the forescast changes during the same week, the location of the surf lessons/training sessions can also be submited to changes up to 22h00 of the previous day.
Conditions for Lessons/Training Sessions:
: Good Conditions : Average Conditions : Poor Conditions
NOTE: If a N1 lesson has more than 10 persons, another N1 lesson will be open in the time table just after the first one in the same day.


Levels of lessons and training sessions:
N1: N2: N3: N4: PC: C:
Beginners Beginners Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Advanced
Level 1 Level 2 Level 1 Level 2 Level 1 Level 2