Surf Lessons

During summer you can find us at Afife Beach except if conditions don't allow safe surfing. During the rest of the year we'll be at the beach of the Viana do Castelo District with the best conditions for your level.

Our beginners lessons are put toghether in a way that you'll learn the basics of surfing in a safe and effective way. For that matter, all coaches at ABC-SS follow a common pedagogic scheme that is divided in 2 levels, up to the moment you'll catch real waves.

Group Lessons*

Level 1 (N1)

(máx. 5 pers./coach)

Level 2 (N2)

(máx. 4 pers./coach)
1 lesson 25€ 30€
5 lessons 80€ 120€
10 lessons 150€ 200€

Private Lessons**

(máx. 1 pers/coach in level 1 or 2)
1 lesson 60€
5 lessons 240€
10 lessons 450€


*valid for3 months
**valid for6 months
*** board and wetsuit included in the price of lessons